No Upfront Fees

We stand behind every home we sell. There are no upfront fees, including vendor paid advertising, when you sell through FlatComm.

Flat Commision

No Sale, No Charge. Our licensed Real Estate agents will only charge you a low flat real estate commission once the property is sold.

Free Marketing Campaign

Every property that we list will receive a free marketing campaign. The professional marketing campaign can be either a normal sale or auction. Of course professional photography will be involved.

Find the best real estate agents with no upfront fees

FlatComm is about “Getting More” for your property. With the internet, real estate has changed and changed forever. There has been a move away from the old fashioned “Bricks and Clicks” marketing model to the opposite. Without doubt most buyers for properties now have been to the internet first. This change has enabled large efficiencies. These efficiencies can now be passed on two main ways. One, in the form of discount real estate commission, and Two, in marketing your property more efficiently to get you more for your property.


We professionally market your property by using: - A Professional Photosign out the front of your property - Professional Photography & Marketing Campaign - Personal and Professional Service - Listed on and - Auction or normal sale - Open Homes

How it works

We just believed the "everyday Kiwi" selling their home wanted to pay less in real estate agent fees and yet still wanted to use a professional agent to achieve the highest possible sale price. FlatComm is the solution. FlatComm is about "Getting More" for your property. At Flatcomm we are new and we are different. No Upfront fees. We understand a vendor does not have to pay upfront vendor paid advertising and furthermore shouldn't have to. For this reason when a FlatComm agent lists your property for sale you will be charged no upfront fees. If the house doesn't sell, then there is no charge. In other words, No Sale, No Charge Getting you more for your property COMING SOON PRE-REGISTER NOW